Global Psychiatry

Inspired by the life work of our founder, Dr. Chester M. Pierce, we seek quiet excellence and undying commitment in medical service to the international community.


Global Psychiatry Program

The Chester M. Pierce, MD Division of Global Psychiatry is part of the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

The Division utilizes a bidirectional approach to build capacity, conduct research, and provide technical assistance to reduce the tremendous burden that psychiatric-related and neurological diseases present worldwide.

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Global Psychiatry Training

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What We Do

We're adressing current global needs. Neuropsychiatric conditions account for 31% of all disability adjusted life years – the years of expected healthy life lost due to ill-health, disease or premature death. Read more.

As communicable diseases are supplanted by non-communicable, chronic, and neuropsychiatric diseases, we're working on the emerging health priorities for the new century. Find out more about our approach, our history and our staff.

Global Engagement
Our work seeks to strengthen quality mental health clinical, research and training capacity for the global community. Our focus is long-term commitments that develop sustainable systems, including Capacity Building, Training & Education, Research, Technical Assistance, and Program Evaluation

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Dr. David Henderson

Meet our staff: We leverage the clinical expertise, scientific rigor and academic leadership of Psychiatry's 525 member faculty (MDs and PhDs) and more than 100 postdoctoral fellows and psychiatry residents.

News, Lectures & Events, Resources: Online and multimedia interviews and discussions of our work.

Interns / Volunteers: Please contact us at Please include cover letter and resume with inquiry.

Donate: Help us expand our work internationally, to reduce the burden of mental illness caused by political conflict and civil war, natural disasters and climate change, and lack of access to adequate mental health care. Learn more about how you can help.


Individual Care. Global Impact.

Join us in the Campaign for the Third Century of MGH Medicine. Learn how we’re making a difference in patient care and advancing medicine and human health around the world.

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Discover the largest hospital-based research program in the U.S. and how clinicians and scientists chart new terrain in biomedical research to treat and prevent human disease and bring the latest advances to patient care

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