A First-of-Its-Kind Program

After publishing the book "Straight Talk About Psychological Testing for Kids" in 2004 with her colleague Gretchen Felopulos, PhD, Ellen Braaten, PhD, was overwhelmed by parents seeking help for their children's developmental difficulties. To address this vital and growing health care need, the Learning and Emotional Assessment (LEAP) program was founded in July, 2008, and a year later, the program’s professional resources were doubled.

What to expectWe have designed our clinical assessments to be a comfortable and often fascinating experience, and we find that many children enjoy the warm, one-on-one attention they receive. In addition, our professionals excel at discussing the benefits of assessments with even the most skeptical of adolescents.

Depending on the child's particular challenge, the assessment may take a few hours, one day or two days. To present our results and make recommendations, we reserve from one to a few office hours at a later date for a confidential parent conference.

Our services also include:

Assessment, Evaluation & Much More
LEAP evaluations incorporate a collaborative assessment framework to actively engage the patient, family and referring clinician in the evaluation process. Following the evaluation, we make recommendations for treatment or counseling.

Neuropsychological Testing
A complete neuropsychological assessment requires gathering and analyzing information about various aspects of the child’s or young adult’s development. Sources of information include observations by parents and teachers and behavior during scheduled appointments. We also administer standardized testing of intellectual, academic, language, visual-motor, memory and executive-function skills, as well as emotional functioning.

Parent Conferences
After testing a child and analyzing the results, a feedback session is held to review the comprehensive report, which includes recommendations and treatment strategies to help the child achieve greater success at school and at home.

Collaborations With Educators
As needed, we report our findings to the child's school teachers, administrators and/or therapists and discuss effective treatment strategies. Depending on the situation, we can meet with these professionals in person or via conference call.

In-school Observations
Sometimes gaining the clearest picture of a child's learning or emotional challenges requires observing him or her at school. We are available to spend a day (or more) in a classroom setting watching the child interact with peers and teachers, and then write a complete analysis and report. (Please note: A charge in addition to the cost of the neuropsychological evaluation applies to observation services. Insurance plans do not cover these services.)

We also are available to reevaluate a child as recommended by his or her psychologist

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