Educational Consulting / Advocacy

Gretchen Timmel, M.Ed. has over 25 years of experience working with families and students. Her services help students obtain the educational services that they need and provide a bridge between the clinical data obtained from neuropsychological evaluations and school services.

Ms. Timmel is a school psychologist who has expertise in educational approaches that are most effective in teaching students with different learning styles including dyslexia, language based and non-verbal learning disabilities, children on the autism spectrum, as well as advanced and gifted learners.

Her expertise also includes knowledge about educational settings (public and private) and the services that they provide allowing her to help guide families in making educational decisions for their children.

Services Provided

Educational advocacy and consultation, which includes review of previous testing performed at MGH or elsewhere and Independent Educational Plans (IEPs).

  • Design and writing of educational plans. With family input, Ms. Timmel writes an educational plan to address the child’s learning, social, behavioral or emotional concerns. Plans contain specific goals and appropriate educational methods and materials and evaluations required to help determine a child’s progress in attaining goals.
  • Classroom observations of current educational placement to provide first hand information of the child’s school performance, response to school setting and performance in specific subject areas. Observations of proposed classroom setting may be arranged as well.
  • Attendance at Independent Educational Planning (I.E.P.) meetings. At these meetings, Ms. Timmel is able to answer, any questions that school personnel may have regarding the child’s testing results and recommendations
  • Educational evaluations and accommodation testing performed to specifically address a child’s learning style and/or learning disability.
  • School placement consultation, including assessment of students’ needs for, either public or private setting.
  • Curriculum planning for public and private schools


  • Accommodation Testing: SAT, GRE, LSAT and all others
  • Study strategies: Tailored study recommendation to fit the individual
  • Educational consulting: Assisting in the selection of high school, post-high school college, post-graduate and other academic settings.



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