Sports psychology
P.A.C.E.S. Institute (Performance And Character Excellence in Sports)

The MGH Sport Psychology Department provides the following services:

-- School and youth program consultants and workshops to coaches, teams, parents and individuals on team building, performance enhancement, and character development
-- Consultations to schools, towns, and youth sport organizations following team problems or crisis
-- Individual and team performance enhancement evaluations and treatments for athletes at all levels.

How We Are Different

Unlike other sport psychology programs that focus primarily on athletic performance, MGH Sport Psychology offers comprehensive services for athletes of all ages as well as teams, families, schools, and sports organizations.

Athletic performance enhancement coaching is provided for many athletes, while other athletes may need evaluation and support for medical problems such as recovery from injury or psychiatric difficulties such as anxiety, eating disorders, depression, family and personal conflicts, ADD/ADHD, and learning issues.

Following a consultation model, MGH Sport Psychology provide schools, teams and programs support in developing mission statements, interacting with parents, managing crises, while offering ongoing support. Great value is given to the promotion and development of the overall psychological and physical health of each athlete.

Contact Us

To contact Sport Psychology / Paces Institute please contact either of the following directors:

Stephen Durant, Ed.D.
OFFICE: 617-724-6300/ x136-1406.

Richard D. Ginsburg, Ph.D.
OFFICE: 617-724-6300/x136-4416.

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