PACT staff clinicians work together with parents, drawing on their combined knowledge and experience to develop a plan that each parent can follow to support their child’s continued healthy development.

PACT clinicians provide individual consultations with parents (the parent with cancer and/or a healthy parent or partner) for one to several sessions, as needed.

Meetings can be scheduled Monday through Friday at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Please call 617-724-7272 to schedule an appointment.

The initial meeting usually lasts about an hour. During this meeting, the PACT clinician will ask questions to learn about you, the other members of your family, your experience with cancer, and your specific concerns. The clinician will talk with you to learn about your child’s age, temperament, behavior, and any worries your child may have expressed.

At the end of the consultation, you will be better prepared to talk with your child, make plans to support your child’s coping, and to recognize signs that more help is needed.

Parents determine the need for follow-up visits.

Parents can visit the Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Room at the Massachusetts General Hospital for a weekly drop-in parent group without appointment. This group meets Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. and is staffed by a PACT clinician.

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About Our Services

The PACT Program provides a number of services that professionals who care for patients with cancer or other serious illnesses may find helpful. Through our clinical services, we offer direct patient care in the form of parent guidance, and we welcome referrals from both professionals and patients themselves.

We are also available for consultations to oncology team members and other healthcare providers, as they seek to assist parents with serious illnesses through this challenging time. In addition, we provide relevant educational materials and opportunities to interested professionals.

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About this program

Learn more about our clinical and consultation services, as well as our research efforts.

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