Our Staff

Biederman, Joseph, M.D. - Chief
Spencer, Thomas, M.D. - Associate Chief
Fried, Ronna, Ed.D. - Director of Neuropsychology Program
Joshi, Gagan, M.D. - Director of Autism Spectrum Disorders Program
Surman, Craig, M.D. - Scientific Coordinator of Adult ADHD Program
Wilens, Timothy, M.D. - Director of Substance Abuse Program
Wozniak, Janet, M.D. - Director of Pediatric Bipolar Program
Spencer, Andrea- Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Uchida, Mai, M.D.- Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Grush, Lynn, M.D. - Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Faraone, Steve, Ph.D. - Senior Scientific Advisor
Bhide, Pradeep, Ph.D. – Professor, Florida State University College of Medicine
Gabrieli, John, Ph.D. – director, Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center at the McGovern Institute at MIT
Gruber, Staci, Ph.D.- Director, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core at McLean Hospital’s Brain Imaging Center
Doyle, Robert, DDS, M.D. - Psychiatrist
Prince, Jefferson B., M.D. - Psychiatrist
Zhu, Jinmin,Ph.D – Assistant Professor, Florida State University College of Medicine
Makris, Nikos, M.D., Ph.D. - Neuroscience Center at MGH
Seidman, Larry - Director of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts-Harvard Medical School Research Center, and Neuropsychology Laboratory at MMHC
Valera, Eve M., Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dept of Psychiatry at MGH
Other groups we collaborate with:

MGH Child Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program
MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Division
McLean Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Program Staff

Woodworth, Yvonne - Assistant to Dr. Biederman
Galdo, Maribel, LCSW - Clin. Social Worker/Business Administrator
Fay, Denise - Staff Assistant
Research Staff:

Bogucki, Olivia- Clinical Research Coordinator
Chan, James - Biostatistician
Feinberg, Leah - Research Regulatory Coordinator
Furtak, Stephannie- Clinical Research Coordinator for the Bressler Program
Grossman, Rebecca- Research Regulatory Coordinator
Hernandez, Mariely- Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Janet Wozniak
Hughes, Brittany- Clinical Research Coordinator
Kaufman, Daniel – Data Manager
Kenworthy, Tara- Grant and Publication Coordinator
Koster, Ariana- Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Thomas Spencer
Pope, Amanda- Psychometrician and Clinical Interviewer
Zulauf, Courtney- Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Timothy Wilens

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