Psychiatry & Medicine

The Division of Psychiatry & Medicine integrates specialized psychiatry and medical services while maintaining their diverse characters and strengths.

Research Activities

Our research portfolio includes:

  • The impact of mood disorders on cardiac health
  • The potential benefits of psychostimulant medication as a substitute for patients undergoing anti-androgen treatment for prostate cancer
  • Pessimism and attributional styles in prostate cancer
  • Psychosocial care in the context of genetic testing for cancer susceptibility
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder in burn patients
  • The study of stress in 1-4 year olds with burns
  • The development of the child stress disorders checklist for use in burned children
  • The use of morphine to protect against the emergence of PTSD in burn patients
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder in rehabilitation patients facing amputation
  • The relationship between cerebral vascular disease and depression in patients undergoing hemodialysis versus chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, in collaboration with researchers in Japan
  • The mental health sequelae of liver transplant donation, in collaboration with researchers in Japan
  • The strategies parents dying from cancer, might use to reduce the suffering of their young children, through the surveying of young adults who experienced early parental loss
  • Nitric oxide and the physiology of the placebo effect
  • The use of depression screening by primary care doctors
  • The effects of cognitive rehabilitation on regional brain function in traumatic brain injury
  • The effects of motor training on regional brain function in stroke
  • The utility of palmtop electronic devices for enhancing treatment compliance and outcome in brain injured patients


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U.S. News & World Report ranks Mass General psychiatry second among U.S. hospitals.


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We respect that the family is the center of a child’s life and we welcome families to participate in every aspect of their child’s care.

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