Revere Mental Health Dept.: Our History

revereThe Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)-Revere HealthCare Center is a neighborhood health center of Massachusetts General Hospital. The Revere HealthCare Center originally began in 1976 as a freestanding health center in a small storefront medical office.


In 1981, MGH purchased the Revere HealthCare Center as one of its three community health centers, Chelsea HealthCare Center and Charlestown HealthCare Center being its other two community sites. In 1981, the health center relocated to larger quarters at 300 Broadway in Revere.

In 1987, the first social worker was hired for this site and this individual served as the entire mental health department. The social worker referred patients to MGH’s Acute Psychiatric Services (APS) in Boston when necessary, as there were no psychiatrists on site at the time. In July of 1995, due to the continuing demand for MGH medical services, the Revere HealthCare Center was relocated to its current location at 300 Ocean Ave.

Today, the Revere HealthCare Center is a comprehensive and multi specialty, state of the art health center designed to provide residents of Revere and the surrounding towns with professional, convenient and accessible services. The Mental Health Department has grown to one psychologist, ten social workers and six psychiatrists. In addition to 300 Ocean Ave, the old site at 300 Broadway was renovated in 1996. The center also has a Youth Zone, an after school program, and an adolescent health clinic.

Between the years 2000 and 2003 the health center expanded and renovated its OB/GYN, mental health, and physical/occupational therapy areas. In addition, it established a new school based health center at Revere High School. The health center continues to grow; in fiscal year 2003 it conducted 98,000 patient visits, and in fiscal year 2008 it conducted 114,000 patient visits.


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