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Welcome to the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women’s Mental Health, a perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information center.


Please see our website for Women’s Mental Health, a perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information center.

Our Approach

The mission of The Center for Women’s Mental Health is to provide state-of-the-art evaluation and ongoing care for women who suffer from a spectrum of psychiatric disorders and to improve the lives of patients and their families.

Clinical care at the Center is complemented by research across a range of areas including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, pregnancy and postpartum mood disturbance, and peri- and post-menopausal depression. The goal of conducted research is to address critical unanswered questions which can inform clinical care and to disseminate important research findings which emerge across the field of women’s mental health.

The Reproductive Psychiatry Information Resource Center,, was developed as a way of providing critical up-to-date information for patients in the rapidly changing field of women’s mental health. This internet-based resource was designed in an effort to provide scientifically sound and clinically useful information to caregivers and patients at a time when the field of women’s mental health is quickly evolving.

One of the primary goals of the Center is to empower patients with information to make informed decisions about their care. Information is provided in multiple formats. Articles from scientific literature and commentary by Center staff are presented across a range of topics and address critical questions faced by patients and clinicians as they weigh options regarding clinical care. Clearly stated information coupled with collaborative decision-making between patients and clinicians leads to thoughtful treatment choices consistent with individual needs and specific clinical situations.




Please see our website for Women’s Mental Health, a perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information center.

Our Staff

  • Lee S. Cohen, MD, Director
  • Marlene P. Freeman, MD, Associate Director
  • Laura F. Petrillo, MD, Director of Training
  • Ruta Nonacs, MD, PhD, Editor in Chief
  • Snezana Milanovic, MD, MSc, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Betty Wang, MD, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Rebecca Hickls, MD, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Mary Collins, MD, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Kathryn Tompkins, MD, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Charlotte Hogan, MD, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Adele C. Viguera, MD, MPH, Senior Research Psychiatrist
  • Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc, Senior Research Psychiatrist
  • Adriann Farrell, MA, Program Coordinator
  • Katie McInerney, ScM, Biostatistician
  • Abigail Davies, BA, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Danna Moustafa, BA, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Samantha Marfurt, BA, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Alexandra Sosinsky, BA, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Melissa Burnett, BS, Program Assistant


About Our Clinical Program

Our clinical program offers services in the following areas:

Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy
The Pregnancy Consultation Service offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for women with psychiatric disorders who are pregnant and for those who wish to conceive.

Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders
Patients with postpartum psychiatric disorders including postpartum depression and anxiety disorders receive evaluation and treatment by clinicians with particular expertise in this area. Pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments are offered as well as referrals to support services in the community specifically designed for postpartum women.

Breastfeeding and the Use of Psychiatric Medications
Postpartum depression is frequently seen in women after childbirth. Clinical consultation is offered to women who may benefit from the use of medication and who wish to breastfeed, taking into account all available information regarding the safety of this practice during lactation.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
Our clinical program offers pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies to women with both premenstrual depression and/or anxiety.

Psychiatric Symptoms Associated with Menopause
Menopausal women and women beginning to experience early “perimenopausal symptoms” frequently suffer from depressive symptoms.

More Information
For further information please contact: Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Clinical Research Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, 185 Cambridge Street, Suite 2200, Boston, MA 02114.

For an appointment please contact: Massachusetts General Clinical Program (617) 724-7792 (Intake). Clinical appointments are located at 55 Fruit Street, Wang 8 Boston, MA 02114.

Learn more about our clinical program.


Women's Mental Health: Clinical

Wang Ambulatory Care Center
55 Fruit St.
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 724-7792

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Disabled Access: yes

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