MUNDOS: Multicultural Neuropsychology Program

MUNDOS is a program in the Psychology Assessment Center at Massachusetts General Hospital that provides neuropsychological services and enriched training opportunities for students interested in multicultural neuropsychology.


The Multicultural Neuropsychology Program, also known as "MUNDOS", is a program in the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychology Assessment Center. MUNDOS provides neuropsychological services to patients and enriched training opportunities for clinical psychology students who are interested in multicultural neuropsychology

The program is co-directed by Yakeel T. Quiroz, PhD and Janet C. Sherman, PhD.

Our Services

Neuropsychological Assessments

MUNDOS provides culturally and linguistically appropriate neuropsychological evaluations and interventions to Latino adults and elderly with a variety of disorders that impact brain and cognitive functioning. These disorders include dementia, epilepsy, brain tumors, and learning disabilities, among others.

We focus on individuals with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including, individuals who are monolingual and bilingual Spanish/English speakers.

The neuropsychological evaluation consists of:

  • A clinical interview with the patient and/or the patient’s family members
  • The administration of a battery of tests designed to evaluate different aspects of cognitive functioning, such as attention, memory and problem-solving
  • Tasks that require the patient to give either verbal responses (i.e., answering questions with spoken responses) or non-verbal responses (i.e., drawing)

Depending on the referral question, evaluations generally last from two to five hours, with patients given breaks throughout the day as needed. 

Memory Workshops

Memory enhancement workshops for older individuals are offered to help them learn strategies to maintain and optimize memory function.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

These services are directed to helping patients re-learn cognitive skills that have been lost or altered as a result of a brain disease and to learn new skills to compensate for lost cognitive functions.


MUNDOS is a training site for the elective in Multicultural Neuropsychology in the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School predoctoral internship in Clinical Psychology.

Learn more about this program and how to apply on the Clinical Psychology Internship page.


Medical specialists or primary care physicians affiliated with Partners HealthCare can make referrals for neuropsychological or psychological testing and evaluation. We do not accept self-referrals.

Questions may be addressed to your referring doctor or to the Psychology Assessment Center at 617-643-3997.



MUNDOS is not currently accepting patients. We expect to start accepting patients again at the beginning of 2017.


Contact Us

MUNDOS: Multicultural Neuropsychology Program

Psychology Assessment Center
One Bowdoin Square, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-643-3997

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