This program is an intensive, outpatient program designed to assist patients who are newly in recovery, have recently experienced a relapse, or who recognize their recovery is becoming unstable and need some additional support.

Clients, 18 through 25 years old, are appropriate for the more intensive services if they are in an unstable recovery, either early in recovery or post-relapse, and/or in need of education and orientation to recovery. Psychiatric and mental health stabilization services are available for clients with co-morbid disorders. Clients will not be admitted if they are actively experiencing psychotic symptoms that are disruptive to treatment, are suicidal or homicidal, or are otherwise in need of urgent psychiatric or medical care. Appropriate referrals and follow-up care will be provided for any client in need of urgent care, utilizing the resources on site at MGH.

Program Elements:

  • Monday-Wednesday-Thursday, 3:00-5:00 pm.
  • Young adult AA group on Tuesday 6:00 – 7:00 pm.
  • Census of 10 patients at a time. Expected length of stay 16 weeks. Rolling admissions.

The program incorporates four groups throughout the week; Early Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Young Adult Education and Family Education/Support. The Curriculum includes topics such scheduling time, pros and cons, triggers, thought-stopping techniques, dealing with problems, relapse prevention, managing anger and guild and shame, staying sober, co-occurring disorders, phases of recovery, and information for families. All clients receive individual and family counseling, as well as psychiatric evaluation.


All patients will receive referrals for follow-up care appropriate to their needs. Whenever possible and appropriate, patients will be stepped down to routine outpatient care.


All patients must complete a formal evaluation at the West End Clinic or Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) prior to approval for admission. All inquiries for this group can be made by calling 617-643-4699.

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