Radiology Clinical Trials Program

All of our radiologists are Harvard appointed, sub-specialty trained, and board-certified. Combined with our years of experience reading for clinical trials, our resumes speak for themselves.


> Autoimmune Diseases > Cardiac Cardiovascular & Congenital Diseases
> Central Nervous System Diseases and Disorders > Endocrine
> Oncology > Pulmonary
> Skeletal Diseases & Inflammation  


Autoimmune Diseases Cardiac Cardiovascular & Congenital Diseases
Miriam Bredella, MD Suvranu Ganguli, MD
Connie Chang, MD Brian Ghoshhajra, MD
John Chen, MD Alan Greenfield, MD
William Copen, MD Sanjeeva Kalva, MD
Ramon Gilberto Gonzalez, MD Rahmi Oklu, MD
Rajiv Gupta, MD Arthur Waltman, MD
Joshua Hirsch, MD T. Gregory Walker, MD
Ambrose Huang, MD
George Hunter, MD Central Nervous System Diseases and Disorders
Susan Kattapuram, MD John Chen, MD
Mykol Larvie, MD William Copen, MD
Michael Lev, MD Ramon Gilberto Gonzalez, MD
Victorine Muse, MD Rajiv Gupta, MD
William Palmer, MD Joshua Hirsch, MD
Stuart Pomerantz, MD George Hunter, MD
Otto Rapalino, MD Hillary Kelly, MD
Sandra Rincon, MD Mykol Larvie, MD
Javier Romero, MD Stuart Pomerantz, MD
Daniel I. Rosenthal, MD Otto Rapalino, MD
Pallavi Sagar, MD Sandra Rincon, MD
Pamela Schaefer, MD Javier Romero, MD
Randheer Shailam, MD Pamela Schaefer, MD
Amita Sharma, MD
Joanne Shepard, MD Endocrine
John Shannon Swan, MD Giles Boland, MD
Martin Torriani, MD Subba Digumarthy, MD
Matthew Gilman, MD
Reginald Greene, MD
Sheela Agarwal, MD Victorine Muse, MD
Ronald Arellano, MD Amita Sharma, MD
Laura Avery, MD Joanne Shepard, MD
Michael Blake, MD
Giles Boland, MD Pulmonary
Phoebe Freer, MD Laura Avery, MD
Scott Gazelle, MD Subba Digumarthy, MD
Michael Gee, MD Michael Gee, MD
Debra Gervais, MD Matthew Gilman, MD
Reginald Greene, MD Reginald Greene, MD
Peter Hahn, MD Victorine Muse, MD
Deborah Hall, MD Amita Sharma, MD
Mukesh Harisinghani, MD Joanne Shepard, MD
Sanjeeve Kalva, MD Sjirk Westra, MD
Umar Mahmood, MD
Victorine Muse, MD Skeletal Diseases & Inflammation
Bethany Niell, MD Miriam Bredella, MD
Edwin Palmer, MD Connie Chang, MD
Dushyant Sahani, MD Ambrose Huang, MD
Sanjay Saini, MD Susan Kattapuram, MD
Mansi Saksena, MD William Palmer, MD
Anthony Samir, MD Daniel I. Rosenthal, MD
James Scott, MD Pallavi Sagar, MD
Deborah Ter Meulen, MD Randheer Shailam, MD
Ashraf Thabet, MD John Shannon Swan, MD
Raul Uppot, MD Martin Torriani, MD
Michael Zalis, MD  

For more information about our Physicians, please contact:

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Tel: 617-643-3522
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