The RCG (Radiology Consulting Group) delivers a full radiology service solution, including Teleradiology, Peer Review, Management Consulting, IT Consulting, and Training and Education.

The Radiology Consulting GroupThe Radiology Consulting Group (RCG) brings the latest practices to diverse medical-imaging organizations by offering the highest level of management consulting, education, training, and teleradiology services. RCG collaborates with health systems, hospitals, private practices and freestanding imaging centers to bring context-specific solutions to the many challenges facing contemporary imaging. Powered by Massachusetts General Hospital Imaging, RCG offers unparalleled experience with access to subspecialty radiologists, peer-to-peer consulting from practicing imaging professionals, highly customizable on-site or off-site support, and patient-centered recommendations to help improve quality of care, maintain compliance and accreditation, and promote operational excellence.

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