The Division of Interventional Radiology in the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology provides minimally invasive, image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases.

Clinical Division: InterventionAl Radiology

Interventional radiology is a constantly evolving subspecialty of radiology in which both vascular and nonvascular diseases are treated by using minimally invasive approaches.

Interventional radiologists are not only trained in radiographic imaging and percutaneous imaging-guided procedures but also have the clinical skills required to integrate interventional procedures into overall patient management.

At Mass General, our interventional radiologists have specialty training and expertise in the area of the body under treatment. They are involved in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions and diseases including blood vessel disorders, back pain, cancer and fibroids and perform innovative treatments using state-of-the-art techniques with a variety of imaging modalities including fluoroscopy, computed tomography and ultrasound.

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Interventional Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
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Boston, MA 02446
Ph: 617-726-8315, 617-726-8073

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