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Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD

Assistant Radiologist

Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD is an assistant radiologist in the Divisions of Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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  • Cancer Center
  • Thoracic Cancers
Clinical Interests
Chest CT
Cardiac computed tomography (Cardiac CT)
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (Cardiac MRI)
Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital
Medical Education
M.B.B.S., Government Medical College
MD, Government Medical College and Hospital
Residency, Government Medical College and Hospital
Residency, Sanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
Foreign Languages
Patient Age Group
Accepting New Patients
Accepting New Patients

BiographyMannudeep K. Kalra, MD is an Assistant Radiologist at the MGH Imaging's Divisions of Thoracic Imaging and Cardiac MR, CT and PET program. He is also an Assistant Professor of Radiology with the Harvard Medical School.

In addition to his clinical work in chest and cardiac imaging, Dr. Kalra has keen interest in research pertaining to CT technology, radiation dose reduction, CT virtual autopsy, image post-processing and radiology informatics. Dr. Kalra has won numerous awards from major Radiology national and international societies for his work related to CT radiation dose.


Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD has keen interest in CT radiation dose reduction and virtual autopsy. Dr. Kalra has authored more than 100 scientific articles on CT radiation dose on different aspects of dose reduction.


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Mass General Imaging reduces cardiac CT radiation doses 75 percent

Radiation-reduction case study: Cardiovascular imaging team reduces radiation dose for cardiac CT angiography by employing new scanner technology and carefully tailoring each exam to the patient.

Mass General research: Image reconstruction slashes chest CT radiation

An image processing technique called ASIR allows radiologists to reduce radiation levels in chest CT exams without sacrificing image quality or diagnostic confidence, according to a paper just published by Mass General researchers.

Our experts share tips on reducing head-CT radiation

Continuing Mass General Imaging's leadership role in reducing CT radiation, radiologists from Mass General have co-authored a journal article summarizing methods for dose optimization in head CT scans.

Experts’ Tips to Optimize Radiation Dose in Pediatric CT

Experts’ Tips to Optimize Radiation Dose in Pediatric CT – coverage of study led by MGH physician Mannudeep Kalra

Safety: Children and CT Scans

Dushyant Sahani, MD, Director of CT at Massachusetts General Hospital Imaging, answers parents’ questions on the June 2012 study in The Lancet that found that children who get several CT scans have a slightly higher chance of brain cancer and leukemia in later life.

Evolution of Coronary Computed Tomography Radiation Dose Reduction at a Tertiary Referral Center

A large study to be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Medicine reports a record radiation dose reduction of 74.8% to MGH Cardiac CT patients during the past 6 years.

Recent issue of Scientific American examines CT scans and risk of cancer

In its July 2013 issue, Scientific American highlights the unique work of two Mass General researchers in their quest to reduce CT radiation dose.

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