Center for Regenerative Medicine

Harald Ott, MD

Dr. Harald Ott is a collaborator with the Rajagopal lab. Best known for his work in whole organ decellularization, he achieved success with the heart and is now striving for the same in lungs. Harald’s background is in surgery (M.D.; University Innsbruck in Austria, 2000) and this training has been an asset for his chosen field of scientific research. He has a long list of honors, the most recent of which are: Research Award, American College of Surgeons; 2009 CIMIT Young Clinician Researcher Award and the Willard M. Daggett Scholarship for Cardiothoracic Research. He has served as a Consulting Scientist for the European Research Council, ERC (2007) and was Elected Resident Representative on MGH Executive Committee on Teaching and Education (ECOTE) in 2007.

Harald discovered and perfected the method of stripping an organ of its own cells and then infusing the remaining scaffold with new progenitor cells (Perfusion Decellularized Matrix: Using Nature’s Platform for Engineering Bioartificial Heart. Nat Med. 2008 Feb;14(2):213-21.). He now aims to generate grafts of tissue with patient-derived cells. This method of reseeding and engraftment with native cells potentially eliminates the need for life-long immunosuppression in transplant patients and thus lays the path for effective solutions for the millions of people in need of organ repair or replacement. Harald collaborates with the Rajagopal lab in their mutual quest to build a lung synergistically deploying their skills in surgery, bioengineering and developmental and regenerative biology.