Center for Regenerative Medicine

Tata Purushothama Rao, Ph.D.

Purushothama Rao was born in a small town in south India. He was always fascinated by the diversity in animals and plants, especially leaf and flower patterning. In school he was admired by the theories of Darwin (evolutionary Biologist), Mendel Tata(Geneticist) and Newton (physicist) but always hated Da Vinci (because of his arts) and Shakespeare (because of his english). After a lot of hurdles (to pass the arts and language courses) he finished his high school education and joined Kakatiya University to pursue Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. Thats where he decided to pursue his scientific career in stem cell Biology. In 2004, he joined University of Hyderabad, where he pursued his Master of Science in Animal Biotechnology. Then he moved to University of Ulm, Germany to pursue his doctoral degree. In Ulm (where Einstein was born) he joined Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and started to understand how molecular events guide vertebrate development. During his doctoral studies, he played a lead role in characterizing a vertebrate novel gene (brand new) during early embryonic development, identification of epigenetic chromatin regulators of a Pluripotency associated micro RNA cluster (EEmiRC) and understanding the role of a key transcription factor in mesendoderm induction.

His present research interests include 1) Identification of scar forming cells in pulmonary fibrosis 2) to understand epithelial- mesenchymal interactions and niche signaling pathways in airway homeostasis, regeneration and disease. In his free time he loves to spend time with his family, playing Chess (yet to achieve grand master title) and watches movies (once named as Jr. Cameron).