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Light Microscopy and Image Analysis Core

Includes state-of-the art Nikon upright (80i) and inverted (TE2000-U) microscopes.

This facility includes state of the art Nikon upright (80i) and inverted (TE2000-U) microscopes, with brightfield and fluorescence capabilities on both microscopes and additional phase contrast capability on the inverted microscope. Both microscopes are equipped with a full spectrum of fluorescent filters. Images are acquired with Qimaging color (5.0 RTV micropublisher) and high-sensitivity monochrome (Retiga Exi) cameras.

These images can either be imported to the user’s own image manipulation software or analyzed with the Core’s BioQuant Nova Prime software, a sophisticated image analysis package geared specifically to morphometry and stereology analyses. Furthermore, BioQuant can be used to seamlessly produce a single montage from a set of high magnification images.

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