Research at Massachusetts General Hospital

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital integrates the full spectrum of "bench to bedside" discovery. Laboratory scientists work collaboratively with clinicians to make discoveries and turn them into treatments, diagnostics and devices that improve our quality of life.

Bringing the discovery full circle from "bedside back to bench," Mass General clinicians identify shortcomings in our medical arsenal and work with laboratory scientists to inform opportunities to address them.

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Fundamental Research

Research scientists working in the lab make new discoveries that increase our base knowledge of life processes and disease. Learn More

Translational Research

Basic researchers team up with clinicians to determine the ways in which their discoveries could be applied in a clinical setting to lead to new treatments, diagnostics and/or devices. Learn More

Clinical Research and Trials

Clinical researchers test promising candidate treatments, diagnostics and devices, and work with clinicians to enroll subjects in human trials to gauge their safety and effectiveness. Learn More


The partnership between basic and clinical research results in new treatments, diagnostics and devices that are integrated into the practice of medicine and become the new standard of care. Learn More

Patients and their families receive the most innovative treatments and highest standard of care. By consenting to have their lab samples used in research and participating in clinical trials, they actively contribute to the advancement of medicine. Learn More

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

Combining the scientific and clinical expertise of an academic medical center with the product and business development resources of industry can be a powerful weapon against disease.

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A history of innovation

A history of innovation

The history of Mass General is the story of doctors and scientists working together for a common goal: to provide better treatments, diagnostics and devices for patient care. 

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Supporting unique ideas

Supporting unique ideas

Our Research Scholars program was founded to provide crucial financial support to investigators who take unconventional paths to scientific discovery.

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