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The Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital is a new initiative to support, promote and guide the hospital's existing research enterprise.

Comprised of more than 10,000 staff members working across more than 30 institutes, centers and departments, Mass General is home to the largest hospital-based research program in the United States.

Research has been part of the hospital’s mission since its founding more than 200 years ago and has led to innovations such as the use of general anesthesia in surgery, a vaccine for tuberculosis and the modern PET scan,” says Harry Orf, PhD, Senior Vice President for Research. “The new institute will help us take the steps necessary to maintain our leadership in medical innovation.”

Harry W. Orf, PhD
Harry W. Orf, PhD

A Front Door for Research

The Research Institute is intended to create a “front door” to the Mass General research enterprise to better engage funding agencies and create new partnerships with the pharmaceutical, biotech, venture capital and philanthropic communities.

The Research Institute Steering Committee is focused on establishing broader relationships with these potential research partners, and finding new ways to connect them with the highly skilled scientists in our research labs and centers. 

“The Mass General Research Institute will keep the hospital at the forefront of biomedical progress by providing the operational resources and infrastructure for our investigators to carry out cutting-edge research and, ultimately, to translate that work into improved care for our patients,” says David Louis, MD, chair of the Executive Committee on Research.

In recent years, the amount of research funding provided by the federal government has leveled off. Competition for individual grants has become more intense, and with the establishment of the federal Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, more of the funding base has shifted from fundamental discovery to outcomes research.

A key goal of the Research Institute is to advocate for continued funding of all types of research—fundamental, translational, clinical and outcomes.

Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD
Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD

Building New Support Systems

“By creating the Research Institute, we aim to build a cohesive support system that will enable our researchers to continue their vital work in these challenging times,” says Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD, Scientific Director.

One way the Institute will provide support is through the development of training programs to educate investigators on how to better translate their discoveries into clinical applications.

As part of the formation of the Research Institute, the hospital is creating a new Division of Clinical Research to support the clinical trials that test the efficacy of new diagnostics, devices and treatments for patients.

A new in-patient translational research facility is being built to provide in-patient space that will allow researchers to conduct more early stage testing of promising discoveries.

According to Maurizio Fava, MD, Director of the Division of Clinical Research, “The Research Institute will help our investigators build the bridge to connect the discoveries made in our labs to new therapies and prevention strategies for our patients. The Institute will advocate for all research at Mass General.”

Mass General has also teamed up with Brigham & Women's Hospital to create the Partners Healthcare Biobank, which collects donated samples from thousands of consenting patients so that investigators can hunt for the underpinnings of disease at the genetic level.

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