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ECOR sponsors the two-day Science Advisory Council "Celebration of Science" event each spring.

About Us

The Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) at Massachusetts General Hospital is the central planning and policy-making body for research. ECOR brings together a wide range of internal stakeholders to provide guidance to the hospital's leadership regarding research priorities.

ECOR responsibilities include:

  • Operating a major internal grants and awards program
  • Representing the needs of the science community to the General Executive Committee (GEC)
  • Making recommendations on the allocation of resources
  • Evaluating and monitoring the quality of science at Mass General
  • Helping to optimize communication between administrators and investigators

ECOR meets as a full committee twice monthly and is guided by an executive committee that includes a chair, a vice chair, a past chair, the hospital president, the senior vice president for research, the chiefs of surgery and medicine, the director of the clinical research program and the director of ECOR.

The voting members of ECOR include elected representatives from all three levels of Harvard Medical School faculty, as well as appointments from the ECOR chair and the chief's council, and senior hospital leadership.

Non-voting members of ECOR include representatives from development, public affairs, Partners Healthcare and other research stakeholders.

Meetings and Events

In addition to regular meetings, ECOR organizes the monthly Research Council meetings and hosts the annual Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) meeting.

The SAC meeting celebrates science at Mass General and invites an outside group of science experts to review our scientific achievements and make recommendations for future initiatives.

Contact Us

Executive Committee on Research (ECOR)
Massachusetts General Hospital
125 Nashua St., Suite 822
Boston, MA 02114
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