Research Leadership

The Massachusetts General Hospital research leadership team has a "researcher-first" focus that is dedicated to maximizing the time researchers can spend at the bench.

The Executive Committee on Research Research Management

Functioning effectively as the "legislative" branch of the research enterprise, the Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) provides strategic guidance on research growth, priorities and the development of policies relating to research.

ECOR also serves as an internal foundation, awarding more than $5 million annually in grants, interim funding, awards and prizes.

The director of ECOR serves on the senior
leadership of Research Management.

 The Research Management division functions as the "executive" branch of the research enterprise.

Research management carries out research policy and directs all departments supporting the research enterprise on a daily basis.

The Senior Vice President for Research also sits ex-officio on the Executive Committee for Research, and is a member of the ECOR leadership staff.

Robert Kingston 
ECOR ChairRobert E. Kingston, PhD
Chief, Department of Molecular Biology

Harry Orf
Senior Vice President for ResearchHarry Orf, PhD

David LouisECOR Vice ChairDavid Louis, MD
Chief, Department of Pathology

Gary Smith Senior Administrative Director Gary Smith

Daniel Haber
ECOR Past Chair
Daniel Haber, MD
Director, Cancer Center

Michael Fisher
Director, Research Space Management GroupMichael Fisher

Maire Leyne
ECOR DirectorMaire Leyne, MS, MBA