Susan A. Slaugenhaupt

Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD
Scientific Director
Mass General Research Institute

The Office of the Scientific Director is primarily charged with promoting science at Massachusetts General Hospital through three main initiatives.

  • Marketing and communications
  • Philanthropic outreach
  • Building new partnerships with industry

Our marketing efforts are focused on increasing awareness of research at Mass General, both to our own community and to audiences outside our walls.  We work with the Development Office to increase philanthropic giving for research through programs such as the MGH Research Scholars and Research Institute chairs.  Finally, we are building new relationships with industry through our Strategic Alliance initiative and by working in close partnership with the Partners Innovation Office.


  • Advocate for continued funding of all types of research—fundamental, translational, clinical and outcomes
  • Increase the number of collaborations between our researchers and members of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries through the Strategic Alliance Initiative
  • Educate investigators and researchers on how to better translate their discoveries into clinical applications through Translational Research Training Programs
  • Share stories about research at Mass General through news articles, blog posts and social media
  • Encourage our investigators to be better science communicators through interactive workshops and programs

Team Members

Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD, Scientific Director, Mass General Research Institute

Gabriela Apiou, PhD, Director of Translational Research Training and Development

Alison Hoffnagle, MS, Program Director, Mass General Research Institute

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Mass General Research Institute
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