In order to speed the development of new drugs, devices and therapies for patients, academia and industry must work together.

A key goal of the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute is to increase the number of collaborations between our researchers and members of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Historically, there has been a gap between academic research and industry development, as the cultures and work models have been different.

The Research Institute is working to close that gap by:

  • Creating new training programs in translational research
  • Collaborating in early-stage translation through our Strategic Alliances initiative
  • Opening an 18-bed in-patient facility for proof-of-concept clinical trials
  • Creating a series of "Think Tanks" that bring together researchers, venture capitalists and members of industry to brainstorm solutions for challenges in rare diseases and neurodegeneration

The Translational and Clinical Research Centers (TCRC)

  • The TCRC is a new facility that merges the existing Clinical Research Center—a vastly experienced clinical trials center—with the new Translational Research Center
  • The new facility is located in an 18-bed, state-of-the-art space in the heart of the Mass General campus
  • It is triple the size of our previous clinical research facility and is fully staffed by experienced nursing and support staff
  • By conducting their studies at the TCRC, industry members can gain access to Mass General clinicians and investigators, who understand human biology better than anyone in the word
  • They can also access the comprehensive assessment and monitoring resources of Mass General such as novel laboratory tests, radiology department PET scanning other imaging studies that are not available in typical phase 1 facilities
  • The TCRC is also home to the Translational Research Group, an administrative team with experience in developing new therapies and in negotiating the regulatory process with the FDA. In the past 10 years, the TRG team has submitted approximately a dozen investigational new drug applications (INDs)

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Strategic Alliances Initiative

  • The Strategic Alliances initiative is focused on early stage translational research and designed to match the research push of Mass General with the market pull of industry
  • Alliances are cross-departmental, multi-specialty teams of researchers brought together to work on major clinical and scientific problems in the areas of epigenetics, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration, cancer immunology, the microbiome
  • The program is designed to create productive relationships with industry along the entire translational pipeline
    • Basic research
    • Proof of concept
    • Development
    • Transfer
  • This process is guided by the Research Institute Advisory Council, which comprises key leaders from the biomedical and venture capital fields
  • Our goals are to facilitate new funding and collaborative agreements and to create new teaching and training programs for our researchers and members of industry alike

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