The Translational and Clinical Research Centers at Massachusetts General Hospital share a combined 18-bed inpatient clinical research space in the heart of the Mass General campus.

This new facility was launched in 2016 to provide additional space and support for clinical research. The Clinical Research Center (CRC) has a long history at Mass General as a home for investigator-initiated NIH-funded clinical trials, and previously operated out of a six-bed space in the same location.

The recently renovated and expanded space now includes the new Translational Research Center (TRC), which is dedicated to partnering with industry on first-in-patient clinical trials. To facilitate this, major improvements have been made in contract negotiation procedures and institutional review board (IRB) approval times to meet the pressing timelines of industry studies.

Investigations carried out at the TCRC include studies of normal and abnormal human physiology and studies of the cause and treatment of diseases. Resources are provided to translate basic scientific discoveries into novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods that improve health care. Both adult and pediatric patients can be accommodated.

Each of our 18 beds is standardized to meet the hospital requirements for inpatient care and has central monitoring. There are two private rooms with air flow monitoring for studies involving gene therapy vectors or other agents where containment of biological materials is critical.

Studies are conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and industry-standard operating procedures are in place to support data reporting.

The extensive laboratory and imaging technical capabilities of the hospital (e.g., genomics, specialized immunological assays, PET scanning) are available for studies.


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