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Mass General and MIT announce a new strategic research partnership

A novel strategic partnership between Massachusetts General Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will address three major challenges in clinical medicine, including the diagnosis and treatment of infectious, autoimmune, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

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Chemical present in broccoli, other vegetables may improve autism symptoms A study led by investigators at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children and John Hopkins School of Medicine has found evidence that daily treatment with sulforaphane--a chemical found in broccoli and other foods-- may improve some symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

A new 3D culture system replicates course of Alzheimer's disease, confirms amyloid hypothesis An innovative laboratory culture system developed by Mass General researchers has succeeded for the first time in reproducing the full course of events underlying the development of Alzheimer's disease--and could provide a revolutionary new way to test thousands of potential treatments.

Research study reveals gene expression patterns in pancreatic circulating tumor cells Analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer identified distinct patterns of gene expression in several groups of CTCs, including significant differences from the primary tumor that may contribute to the ability to generate metastases.

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