Clinical Research

Clinical trials offer opportunities for patients to explore innovative treatments while enabling researchers to test the efficacy of new medical approaches.

 A Collaborative Approach to Clinical Research

With a staff of world class clinicians, a large and diverse patient population and a vast basic research enterprise, Massachusetts General Hospital is an ideal setting for clinical research and trials.

Clinical research is the bedside end of the “bench to bedside” spectrum, where the discoveries made in a basic science setting are tested on consenting human subjects to confirm their safety and efficacy prior to wider approval.

Clinical research also represents a starting point for new basic research, as medical insights that occur during a clinical trial are fed back to scientists to suggest new avenues of study. This is the “bedside back to bench” portion of the research process.

At Mass General, our clinical research is supported by the Clinical Research Program (CRP) and the Clinical Research Center (CRC).

Clinical Research Program

The Clinical Research Program provides a variety of support services for clinical researchers, including assistance with study design, funding and budget building. The CRP also offers continuing education courses and provides mentorship and career advice to clinical researchers.

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Clinical Research Center (CRC)

The CRC at Mass General is one of more than 80 clinical research centers in the United States that is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The studies at the CRC include research on normal and abnormal physiology, as well as examinations of the cause, prevention, control and treatment of diseases.

The CRC can be used by investigators who are supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), other federal, state and local agencies, foundations and individual departments within the hospital and the private sector.

The CRC also supports pilot studies that may lead to future NIH or other support.

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