Outcomes Research

Outcomes research at Massachusetts General Hospital takes a cross-disciplinary approach to studying the effectiveness of medical interventions.

Studying the Results to Improve Patient Care

At Massachusetts General Hospital, the research process doesn't end with the development of a new diagnostic, device or treatment.

In many ways, this is only the beginning.

Our outcomes research teams study the effectiveness of medical interventions in an effort to continuously improve our level of care and account for a variety of factors that can impact care, including:

  • The relationship between the cost of care and the outcome achieved
  • Risk of complications
  • Patient's quality of life before and after intervention
  • The impact of early screenings and preventative care
  • Length of hospital stay and likelihood of readmittance

The work done by our outcomes researchers helps us determine how well our medical interventions work in real life health care settings, where geographic, sociological, economic and other factors come into play.

Outcomes research also helps to identify and correct disparities in treatment, and provides patients with a more comprehensive picture of their treatment options, so they can take a more active role in their medical care.


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