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ARDS Network Clinical Coordinating Center

The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Network Clinical Coordinating Center coordinates randomized controlled trials for patients with ARDS.

The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute ARDS Network Clinical Coordinating Center resides in the Massachusetts General Hospital Biostatistics Unit under the direction of David Schoenfeld, PhD. We coordinate the design, execution and interpretation of multicenter clinical trials of ARDS treatments that are carried out in more than 40 hospitals (organized into 12 clinical sites).

The ARDS Network has completed eight randomized controlled trials. B. Taylor Thompson, MD, has a major role in the design and management of these trials and has held three Investigational New Drug Applications with the Food and Drug Administration on behalf of the ARDS Network. Five of our trials have been published in The New England Journal of Medicine, and two are considered landmark trials of lung-protective strategies.

Principal Investigator


Medical Director & Co-Principal Investigator


Project Manager

  • Nancy Ringwood, RN, CCRA


Study Coordinator

  • Katie Oldmixon, RN

Statins for Acutely Injured Lungs from Sepsis (SAILS)

We are coordinating a 1,000-patient trial of rosuvastatin for ARDS and acute lung injury due to sepsis. Increasing evidence suggests the substantial anti-inflammatory effects of statins may lead to improved outcomes in critically ill patients with severe infections. This study will evaluate the survival rates of patients treated with rosuvastatin in comparison to those treated with placebo.

ARDS Network Clinical Coordinating Center

Pulmonary Associates
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