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Cole, Andrew J., Epilepsy Clinical Research

Dr. Andrew J. Cole’s interests as a research investigator include clinical trials, clinical neurology, epilepsy, and basic neuroscience research.
  • Lab Phone: 617-726-5904
  • Neurology Access Center 1-855-644-6387
  • Pediatric Epilepsy: 617-726-6540


Dr. Cole's current research is focused on advanced neuroimaging techniques and clinical research.

Dr. Cole has published extensively in clinical neurology, epilpesy, and basic neuroscience. In addition to research and clinical work, Dr. Cole lectures frequently throughtout the United States and internationally, and has been a visiting professor at numerous institutions in the U.S.A. and abroad. 


Andrew Cole

Principal Investigator

Andrew J. Cole, MD

  • Professor of Neurology,
    Harvard Medical School
  • Assistant in Neurology,
    Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Director,
    Massachusetts General Hospital Epilepsy Service

Research Coordinators

Research Projects

Clinical Trials

Visit the Research page of the Epilepsy Service website for information about studies that are currently enrolling.

Functional MRI of language (Plasticity of Language Cortex)

Principle Investigator: Andrew Cole, MD
Co-Principle Investigator: Bradley R. Buchbinder, MD, Radiology

Advanced neuroimaging and MEG studies

Principle Investigator: Andrew Cole, MD
Co-Principle Investigator: Steve Stufflebeam, MD, Radiology

Clinical Trials Staus Updates - Closed to Enrollment

RNS™ System Long-term Treatment Clinical Investigation  (Neuropace)

The responsive-neurostimulator (RNS) long-term treatment study is investigating how well the RNS™ system, a surgically implanted device, works in patients over an extended period of time as treatment for partial onset seizures. In order to be eligible for this study all subjects must have completed participation in the initial trial of this device, RNS™ System Pivotal Clinical Investigation which began at MGH in 2005.

The RNS™ System (made by Neuropace Inc.) is designed to reduce the frequency and severity of medically uncontrolled partial onset seizures.  The RNS device has a small battery for power and a microprocessor that detects (senses) and stores electrical activity from the brain. When a seizure is detected, it responds by sending electrical stimulation through leads (tiny wires with electrodes) to a small part of the patient's brain to stop the seizure. This type of treatment is called responsive stimulation, but it is not yet known if it will work for the treatment of epilepsy.

Principle Investigator: Andrew Cole, MD
Research Coordinator: Samantha Donovan
For more information about the trial visit our sponsor’s website

Does memantine improve verbal memory task performance in patients with localization-related epilepsy and memory dysfunction?  A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Many patients with epilepsy have memory deficits.  Unfortunately, the treatment options for memory dysfunction in patients with epilepsy are limited.  We are conducting a study to evaluate the effects of memantine, a medication used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, for the treatment of memory dysfunction in subjects with localization-related seizures.

Principle Investigator: Beth Leeman
Research Coordinator: Samantha Donovan


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Dr. Cole's publications are available via the following links:

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Mailing Address

Andrew J. Cole, MD
Director, Mass General Hospital Epilepsy Service
Chief, Mass General Epilepsy Research Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital
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Clinical Trials

Samantha R. Donovan
Clinical Research Coordinator