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Elizabeth Goodman, MD

The Goodman lab is dedicated to decreasing the burden of disease, particularly related to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among disadvantaged youth, their families and communities.

Research by the Goodman lab seeks to understand the processes through which differences in social status influence children’s health and the trajectory toward adult cardiovascular health.  A second line of inquiry is related to obesity, insulin resistance, and cardiometabolic risk.   A third line of research is developing and evaluating programs which build strengths, encourage civic engagement, and offer opportunities for teens to positively impact both themselves and their environments. Current projects include the PSD Study a longitudinal study of social status impact on health of adolescents and young adults, and IPACE (Intervention and Policy Advocacy for Changing Environments) which conducts community-based research to further knowledge through community partnerships that promote health and sustainable, systemic change.

The Goodman group is NIH and foundation funded and resides within MGHfC’s Center for Child and Adolescent Health Research and Policy

Selected publications (From over 100 total)

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