Arnaout Laboratory

The M. Amin Arnaout laboratory is interested in elucidating the molecular basis of human disease and in using this information to guide development of new and safer therapies. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including genetics, genomics, biochemistry, cell biology, structural and computational biology and animal models of disease.


Director, Leukocyte Biology/Inflammation and Structural Biology Programs
Principal Investigator, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Chief Emeritus, Division of Nephrology

A major research goal of the Arnaout Laboratory is to elucidate the structure and function of integrins, cell adhesion receptors that play vital roles in normal physiology and disease, and use the derived information in structure-based design of new and safer anti-integrin drugs targeting heart disease, fibrosis, and cancer.

Other research interests include elucidating mechanisms underlying cyst formation in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, transcriptional regulation of hematopoiesis, mechanisms of kidney regeneration, and design of microfluidic dialysis devices.

Group Members

Principal Investigator

M. Amin Arnaout, MD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Director, Leukocyte Biology and Inflammation Program
Director, Structural Biology Program

Chief Emeritus, Division of Nephrology
Department of Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Harvard Medical School
Principal Investigator, Harvard Stem Cell Institute


  • Brian D. Adair, PhD
  • José Luis Alonso, PhD
  • Xiangen Li, MD, PhD
  • Jian-Ping Xiong, PhD
  • Jiaojiao Zhang, PhD 

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Johannes Van Agthoven, PhD
  • Troy Camarata, PhD
  • Wassim ElJouni, PhD
  • Bhuvaneshwari Mahalingam, PhD
  • Mujib Rhaman, PhD
  • Xianliang Rui, PhD
  • Xingzhi Li, MD


  • Mahmoud Alhaj, MS

Laboratory Manager

  • Zhiping Ding, PhD

Research Projects

  • Atomic structure of the integrin aVb3 in complex with macromolecular ligands
  • Structure-based design of novel anti-integrin therapeutics
  • EM structure of the leukocyte integrin CD11b/CD18 (aMb2)
  • Role of adaptor proteins in regulation of leukocyte integrins
  • Role of integrins in ischemia-reperfusion injury models
  • Mechanisms of cyst formation in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Mechanisms of renal injury and regeneration
  • Development of microfluidic devices for dialysis
  • Transcriptional regulation of hematopoiesis

Research Positions

If you are interested in applying for a postdoctoral position, or are a Harvard PhD student interested in a laboratory rotation, please e-mail your CV (for student and postdoctoral) and reference letters (for postdoctoral) to:



Contact Us

M. Amin Arnaout Laboratory

CNY 149-8

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  • Phone: 617-726-5663
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  • Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Grants Manager: Anu Jayaswal
Phone: 617-726-5667

Laboratory Manager: Zhiping Ding
Phone: 617-724-9875

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