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Our unit conducts clinical research related to hair loss.


Welcome to the website for the laboratory of Dr. Maryanne Makredes Senna at the Department of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our unit conducts clinical research related to hair loss including research on the causes, prevention, evaluation and management of diseases that affect hair, both in adolescents and adults.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

M.Senna Maryanne M. Senna, MD
Principal Investigator
Dr. Senna, co-director of the Hair Loss Clinic is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. In addition to treating patients for hair loss: she is developing a specialized Alopecia Research Unit to identify new treatment methods.  Diagnosed herself with alopecia in the past, Dr. Senna has personal insight and empathy for her patients.     

Mariko YasudaMariko Yasuda, MD
Dr. Yasuda, co-director of the Hair Loss Clinic is a board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. In addition to her clinical skills, Dr. Yasuda has additional expertise in interpreting scalp biopsy specimens in patients who have alopecia.

Lynn A. Drake, MD
Dr. Drake is a world-renown expert and lecturer on hair loss who provides additional consultations.

tinaMartina Porter, MD
Clinical Research Fellow
Dr. Porter is currently completing a combined dermatology residency and research fellowship with a special interest in the design and conduct of clinical trials.  She believes that there is a great need for more research on hair loss disorders and that this understanding will lead to better treatment options for patients in the future.

 athenaAthena Manatis-Lornell
Clinical Research Coordinator
Athena Manatis-Lornell is the coordinator for the H.A.I.R. Unit. With a background in project management and an interest in clinical research, Athena is responsible for organizing the set up of studies and aiding in their implementation.




Active Research

Retrospective chart review of patient characteristics in lichen planopilaris
The purpose of this retrospective review is to collect and analyze data on patients affected by LPP in order to gain a better understanding of the epidemiology of this disease.
Role: Senna, Principal Investigator: 2016P002272: 10/31/16-10/31/18

Clinico-pathological analysis of lichen planopilaris
The purpose of this study is to better characterize the histologic and immunohistochemical staining patterns in LPP and compare them to a control group of non-scarring alopecia.
Role: Senna, Principal Investigator: 2016P002867: 1/24/17-1/24/19

Design and validation of a new assessment tool for lichen planopilaris, the Boston Grade of Activity in Lichen Planopilaris (Boston GOAL)
The purpose of this study is to develop an assessment tool to evaluate the severity and disease activity in lichen planopilaris.
Role: Senna, Principal Investigator: 2016P002620: 2/10/17-2/10/18

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Hair Academic Research Unit

Maryanne M. Senna, MD
Principle Investigator

Please email us for more information on potential projects or with any questions. We also invite you to visit the Massachusetts General Hospital Hair Loss Clinic website.

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