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Specialized Histopathology Services

Tissue analysis is critical to validation and evaluation of animal models of human cancer, and human cancer tissues serve as the "operating system" for translational research.


The Specialized Histopathology (SHP) Core, a new entity created by consolidating five histopathology cores into a single unit with two performance sites, supplies consultative and interpretive pathology services that provide high-quality analysis of tissues obtained from experimental systems including rodents, fish and monkeys.

The SHP Core provides professional and technical research pathology services to DF/HCC investigators working in diverse organisms, including man, non-human primates, rodents, and zebrafish. The Core also assists in experimental design and the development and interpretation of tests and their results.

The SHP Core provides a comprehensive set of tissue-based tests and diagnostic services priced at cost for DF/HCC investigators, and pairs investigators with pathologists with subspecialty expertise in specific areas. If projects involve cancers or pathologic states outside of the expertise of Core-associated pathologists, the Core actively seeks out pathologists with such expertise to act as collaborators.

Group Members

Histology & Immunohistochemistry Services:

Jillian Brockmann
Tel: 617-726-5510

Professional Consultation:

Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov
Tel: 617-726-5510

David Louis
Tel: 617-726-2966

Administrative/Billing Concerns

Lauri Wyner
Pathology Cores Administrative Coordinator
Tel: 617-432-4947
Fax: 617-432-6474

Facilities & Equipment

Core Location

Massachusettes General Hospital-East
13th Street, Building 149
Charlestown Navy Yard 6, Room 6122
Boston, MA 02129
Tel: 617-278-0747
Fax: 617-264-5677


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  • Tissue trimming, cassetting, processing, and embedding
  • Cutting and staining of paraffin-embedded and cryostat sections
  • Immunohistochemistry [PDF list of available antibodies], for both routine and novel markers
  • In situ hybridization, using chromogenic or radioactive detection methods (Longwood only)
  • Laser capture microdissection (Longwood only)
  • Automated blood cell counting for rodent and non-human primate samples (Longwood only)

Fee Schedule

Go to and select the Service Catalog icon below the login window to view a full list of services and pricing.

Getting Started

You can download a pdf document for instructions for Getting Started to use the Pathology Core facilities.