Tobacco Research and Treatment Center

The Tobacco Research and Treatment Center's clinical research aims to identify effective tobacco treatment strategies and adapt them for the smokers who come to the health care setting.


Research has targeted smokers with cardiovascular disease, cancer, pregnancy, and schizophrenia, as well as smokers being seen for routine care.

Nancy A. Rigotti, MD, director, conducts randomized controlled clinical trials that test pharmacologic and behavioral smoking cessation interventions for delivery to smokers in settings such as a hospitalization, primary care practice, prenatal practice, pediatric practice, psychiatric practice and pre-op clinic. The group’s work includes testing system-level interventions to translate the findings of clinical research into routine clinical practice.

Dr. Rigotti also does survey research and evaluates tobacco control public policies. She conducted some of the first evaluations of US clean indoor air laws and policies and led the first controlled evaluation of efforts to reduce youth access to tobacco. She is now evaluating the impact of household smoking policies on reducing tobacco initiation. Other work has focused on understanding and reducing tobacco use among young adults.

Dr. Rigotti founded and directs Massachusetts General Hospital’s Tobacco Research and Treatment Center, which combines a clinical service providing state-of-the-art smoking cessation treatment with a research group that develops and tests smoking treatment interventions for health care settings. She chairs the Tobacco Treatment quality improvement teams for Partners HealthCare System, Inc., and for Massachusetts General Hospital.

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