2011 Research Scholars

In 2011, the Research Scholars Program was established at Massachusetts General Hospital to provide a new source of funding for forward-thinking researchers.

2011 Research Scholars

The inaugural class of research scholars at Massachusetts General Hospital includes specialists in pathology, nephrology, neurology, cancer and cardiovascular research.

To learn more about the Research Scholars program or to find out how you can support these visionary thinkers, please contact Kate Gutierrez in our development office at kgutierrez3@partners.org.

Sylvie Breton, PhD

Sylvie Breton, PhDNephrology/Program in Membrane Biology
"Intercellular communication through novel cell structures."
Breton Lab

Keith Joung, MD, PhD
J. Keith Joung, MD, PhDPathology
"Generation of designed zinc fingers capable of cleaving specific DNA sequences."
Joung Lab
Andrea McClatchey, PhD
Andrea McClatchey, PhDCancer Center
"Fundamental insight into the junction of Neurofibromatosis II protein."
McClatchey Lab
Randall Peterson, PhD
Randall Peterson, PhDCardiovascular Research Center
"Innovative discoveries in chemical screens for regulators of signaling using zebrafish."
Peterson Lab
Lee Zou, PhD
Lee Zou, PhD Cancer Center
"Research into pathways that mediate the cellular response to DNA damage."
Zou Lab