2012 Research Scholars

In 2012, the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Scholars Program was expanded to include eight new biomedical investigators.

2012 Research Scholars

In the second year of the Research Scholars Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, additional funding made it possible to support eight more researchers, including specialists investigating the HIV virus, neurology, inflammatory diseases, radiology, cancer and more.

To learn more about the Research Scholars program or to find out how you can support these visionary thinkers, please contact Kate Gutierrez in our development office at kgutierrez3@partners.org.

Galit Alter
Galit Alter, PhD Ragon Institute
"Manipulating sugars to fight infections in order to design vaccines against HIV and other pathogens that cause epidemics."
Alter Lab
Brian Bacskai, PhD
Brian Bacskai, PhD Neurology
"A common neuroprotective strategy to prevent or treat central nervous system diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and strokes."
Bacskai Lab
Nicholas Dyson
Nicholas Dyson, PhD Cancer Center
"Understanding the function of the retinoblastoma protein, a key tumor suppressor."
Dyson Lab
Nir Hacohen, PhD
Nir Hacohen, PhDCenter for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases (CIID)
"A systematic approach to dissecting
immune circuits."

Hacohen Lab
Eng Lo
Eng Lo, PhD Radiology/Neuroradiology
"Seeking a new network approach for neuroprotection."
Lo Lab
Raul Mostoslovsky
Raul Mostoslovsky, MD, PhD Cancer Center
"Defining SIRT6 as a critical modulator of glucose homeostasis."
Mostoslavsky Lab
Anders Naar
Anders Näär, PhD Cancer Center/Molecular Oncology
"Elucidating conserved gene regulatory mechanisms governing cholesterol and lipid homeostasis in metabolism and cardiometabolic disease."
Näär Lab
Guillermo Tearney
Guillermo Tearney, MD, PhDPathology/
Wellman Center for Photomedicine
"Improving the understanding and diagnosis of disease by imaging the human body at the highest possible level of detail in vivo."
Tearney Lab