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Philanthropic support plays a crucial role in helping to support the leading-edge biomedical research taking place at the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute.

Paul S. Russell

Biomedical Research is Critical to Improving Health Care

Massachusetts General Hospital is committed to promoting all aspects of biomedical research and supporting the creative scientists who are investigating fresh ideas that have the potential to forever change our understanding of disease and treatment.

The hospital provides a uniquely productive setting where our scientists can explore the basic building blocks of life, investigate the fundamentals of disease, and collaborate with our clinicians to develop new devices, diagnostics and drugs to benefit our patients.

In this collaborative and forward-thinking environment, ideas flow freely, resulting in patients receiving the most innovative therapies backed by rigorous scientific research.

The Mass General Research Institute is the home of game-changing research. It is the largest hospital-based biomedical research program in the United States.

Our clinician-researchers and PhD scientists have earned numerous prestigious research awards, including the Nobel Prize, the Wolf Prize and the Lasker Award. These leading scientists regularly collaborate with and encourage early career researchers.

Flexible Funding for Bold Science

Giving to Mass General is an investment in the remarkable work of passionate researchers who are pursuing ideas that too bold to always attract funding from traditional sources such as the federal government. Philanthropic support provides them with the flexibility and freedom they need to continue their important work.

Your gift will make a difference. A gift to the unrestricted fund for research will support groundbreaking research where it is needed most.

Join us in supporting scientists who are reaching for answers to the big questions.

Support research at Mass General

Your gift helps fund groundbreaking research aimed at understanding, treating and preventing human disease.


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