About the Research Advisory Council

  • Introduction

The Research Advisory Council is a diverse group of scientists, industry leaders and philanthropists who share a passion for science and a devotion to supporting research at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Mass General Research Advisory Council

Massachusetts General Hospital's Research Advisory Council partnership is paramount to the institution's success. The Council helps to define a succesful strategy to keep Mass General research positioned at the forefront of scientific discovery and responsive to the emerging opportunities and extraordinary challenges that impact the future of medicine.

Mass General research is also guided by the Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) and the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC).

The MGH Research Scholars Program

“Mass General has so many research superstars. It’s important to identify them, kick-start their research and reduce the time they spend on obtaining funding so they can focus on their important work.”

-James I. Cash, Jr, PhD
Research Advisory Council Member

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Executive Committee on Research

A focal point of Mass General's research is the Executive Committee on Research (ECOR), which was established in the late 1940s. Meeting twice-monthly, this committee is the central body for research governance, bringing together a broad representation of internal stakeholders to provide strategic guidance to the hospital's leadership regarding research priorities.

A major strength of ECOR is its diverse and regularly-rotating membership, which includes many department chiefs, elected members of the research community, appointed members, hospital senior management and directors of the Mass General Thematic Centers and the Mass General Cancer Center.

Facilitating communication among scientists, both within Mass General and with collaborators outside the hospital, has become increasingly important in the current era of multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team science. ECOR plays a vital role in this process.

Scientific Advisory Council

The Mass General Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) was established immediately after World War II to provide strategic counsel and vision to the Mass General research program

Today, the SAC continues in that tradition, with a small group of outstanding scientists from around the country who join with Mass General senior leadership to explore emerging challenges and opportunities in biomedical research and the ways in which the hospital might address them. The committee size has ranged from six to ten people; members serve a four-year term.