Research Training in Rheumatology at Massachusetts General Hospital

The goal of our training program is to train MD, MD/PhD and PhD postdoctoral fellows for independent investigative careers in Rheumatology research.  Our program centers on our highly successful clinical fellowship in Rheumatology and strong laboratory programs in basic science Rheumatology research. The goal of this Rheumatology training program is to provide supervised laboratory research under the guidance of accomplished faculty members, along with structured training in immunology, rheumatology, molecular biology, genetics and ethical issues through courses and conferences.  We have outstanding highly accomplished mentors with laboratories at the MGH that are actively involved in basic and translational science immunology and rheumatology research.  Altogether 10 MGH and one HSPH research faculty members participate in this Rheumatology Training Program as mentors and 11 MGH clinical faculty members will participate in the training of MD fellows.  The participation of these faculty members offers an outstanding training opportunity in Rheumatology research.  We have a balanced, integrated training program that offers high quality training in laboratory and clinical science research in Rheumatology that successfully integrates both MD and PhD trainees and basic science and clinical faculty.  Our program will produce the next generation of physician-scientists and PhD scientists committed to Rheumatology research.


Research Faculty Mentors:

Andrew D. Luster, MD, PhD (Program Director)

Amin Arnaout, MD.

Donald Bloch, MD

Robert Gerszten, MD

Laurie Glimcher, MD

Nir Hacohen, PhD

Thorsten Mempel, MD, PhD

Shiv Pillai, MD, PhD

Allen Steere, MD

John Stone, MD, MPH

Andrew Tager, MD


Supporting Clinical Faculty:

George Cohen, MD

Deborah Collier, MD

Mark Fisher, MD, MPH

Minna Kohler, MD

Dwight Robinson, MD

Margaret Seton, MD