Treadwell Library

Treadwell Library is the health sciences library for the Massachusetts General Hospital community. Our mission is to be the center of excellence for managing knowledge resources essential to Mass General Hospital's high quality patient care, teaching and research.

Treadwell Library is a resource for the entire Massachusetts General Hospital community. We offer digital access to books, journals, web resources and a skilled library staff ready to meet your information needs. Whether you have a difficult clinical case, a research grant to write, a presentation to make, an administrative information need or a personal health issue, Treadwell Library can help you access the most comprehensive and reliable health information. Through our Research and Reference Service, we will find this information for you. We will also teach you how to discover, locate and manage this information for yourself through our numerous group classes or individual consultations.

From its start more than 160 years ago as one of the first hospital libraries in the country to the creation of its extensive digital library, Treadwell Library has a history of service and innovation. Our resources and services are available online through our website. If you don’t see a resource or information service listed, let us know what you need and we will assist you.

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