The Stoeckle Center

Rochelle Butler, RN

"Rochelle Butler is the epitome of a patient-centered caregiver. She works indefatigably for our patients. She treats every patient with respect, regardless of his or her life situation. And she behaves as if the patient's request is the most important problem she has to solve at that time. Rochelle goes the stretch to solve any problem, which often means she works early and late. She has extraordinary clinical skills, and is very good at ascertaining the range of patient needs, ranging from which patient needs a reassuring call to which one needs to be seen urgently. My patients constantly remark about how grateful they are for Rochelle and that she is the secret to a primary care clinical "home" where patients know they can receive a helpful hand.”

“Rochelle Butler is the unsung hero of IMA9 and IMA10. Rochelle is the "go to" person for everything ranging from handholding/ being comforted to needing to be seen by a physician to having a prescription refill sent to a pharmacy. Her dedication to patients is boundless and is evidenced by the line of people waiting to see her outside of her office. From a first hand observation, I can state that it also goes beyond patients. Staff members making requests, handing her messages, asking questions are all part of her world. With Rochelle, there is no pretense, she loves her patients and what she does. More important, her patients love her!”