The Stoeckle Center

Lisa Carr, MD

“Dr. Carr is a compassionate provider who cares about her patients. She goes above and beyond to make sure her patients get access to care available at the center, in the community and at the main campus. Dr Carr values team work and works very closely with all staff involved in the care of her patients. I have been working with her to coordinate care for refugee patients and I have no words to describe her dedication.”

“Lisa Carr, MD, is a remarkable physician. She cares for a large number of refugee women as a part of our Refugee Health Assessment Program. She goes above and beyond in caring for these women. She takes the time needed to really understand their concerns and works well past the boundaries of her sessions trying to address their concerns. She cares deeply. Lisa has cared for a large number of Somali women and most recently Iraqi women. Both of these groups have come to Chelsea from war torn countries with a great deal of trauma and health issues. Lisa works with our team of medical interpreters and community health workers to figure out how to make health care comfortable and accessible to these women. Her patients love her and continue to return to her. Lisa is also the physician in charge of our ROCA youth health center. In this capacity, Lisa cares for many high risk youth - with her whole heart and without any judgment. She is open minded and fair in caring for kids with substance abuse, domestic violence, STDs, young parenting, etc. Lisa is a provider who never says no and who is truly committed to her patients. She is inspiring to all of us who work with her.”