The Stoeckle Center

Barbara Chase, ANP, APRN, BC

“Barbara is quite possibly the longest practicing NP in primary care at MGH, having started in the Primary Care Unit in 1976. At a time when NPs were part of the RWJF grant in primary care, Drs. Brit Nicholson, Peter Slavin, Al Mulley, Allan Goroll (and many others) trained to work with NPs, such as Barbara, during their careers. After 25 years in the IMA, Barb came to Chelsea 11 years ago and has continued to do superb work here, balancing teaching, writing and clinical work that serves both the population and the practice. She has also played a pivotal role in advocating for the multidisciplinary Diabetes Management Program here in Chelsea, making it a program after which others are now modeled. Barb is truly an "unsung" hero of primary care and is now dedicated to community medicine assisting in our mission to reduce disparities in health care delivery among underserved patient populations. Barb is an extremely productive provider in our practice, often working late into the day serving our needy population. Her schedule is always packed, yet she will, without a hint of hesitation, add patients to her schedule to accommodate all who seek her sage clinical expertise. MGH and Chelsea are extremely lucky to have Barbara Chase, and her 35 years of contributions to primary care at MGH will certainly support the receipt of the "Portraits in Primary Care" distinction.”