The Stoeckle Center

Peter Gross, MD

“Dr. Peter Gross is the true portrait of what practicing medicine should be. I truly feel that they ‘broke the mold’ when he became a physician over thirty years ago. I feel very privileged to be working with this consummate professional for the past seven years. I have witnessed nothing but benevolence, competence, dedication, diagnostic brilliance, detailed attention, patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, and old fashioned hard work. He arrives early and stays late. He comforts his patients, both in his office and after hours, long after everyone else has gone home. When one of his patients was having diagnostic testing for a new cancer diagnosis in another department, it was Peter who was there to talk to her when she awoke in the recovery room. He is always available for his patients, his staff, and his colleagues. His patients absolutely adore him. Peter is the final say, the only voice, and the guiding light in their lives when it comes to any healthcare issues or problems. He is most deserving of this award.”

 “Peter Gross is truly one of the unsung heroes in Primary Care at MGH. He is a most competent, compassionate physician, who works very hard, providing excellent care to a large number of very complicated patients. He is very detailed, and dedicated to providing excellent, and very personalized care to his patients. He has been one of the team leaders in the IMA for years. He treats patients, staff and colleagues with kindness and respect, which is unfortunately becoming more scarce as our landscape changes. He exemplifies a true "primary care" doctor.”