The Stoeckle Center

Winnie Levine-Sawyer, RN

“Winnie Levine-Sawyer RN is our “triage nurse” at MGH Revere Health Care Center, Adult Medicine. That’s her title but she is often a social worker, case manager, disabilities specialist, vocational specialist, transportation manager, insurance specialist, durable equipment specialist, CPAP specialist, mental health outreach worker, cheerleader, surrogate mother. She needs to be all of these when dealing with our complicated patient population. What the patients lack at home, Winnie provides in her care. She will pick up the pieces and organizes a plan of care that will work for the patients, their families and the many health care providers that are involved in their care.  We’ve all seen her do it time and time again. One patient in particular she has been managing for over 4 years. As Winnie describes him, “He is a very special young man who is trapped in a body that does not work and he is chained to that wheelchair.”  With her persistence, skills and love of helping others, Winnie has managed to dramatically improve this young man’s life physically, emotionally and financially. Without Winnie’s efforts, he clearly would be in a full care facility. This is hard and many times thankless work until Winnie sees the difference she can make in a patient’s life. This recharges her to do it again and again and again.”

“Winnie is a long standing triage nurse here in the clinic, she is amazing. Very helpful to all staff, but what sets her apart is her emormous compassion for patients. She goes further than most in trying to assist patients in their individual needs, whatever that happens to be. Instead of taking a message and passing the information on to the PCP, she explores internal and external resources to help patients. She is very kind and patients comment on their positive interactions constantly. I would like to nominate her for this recognition, she is one of the best nurses I have worked with in my long nursing career. Thank you for this consideration