The Stoeckle Center

Taryn McGoff, RN

“Taryn McGoff is one of the registered nurse care managers here at MGH-Charlestown Healthcare Center. Although all of the nurses at Charlestown provide critical supports for the clinicians and take terrific care of our patients, Taryn has gone the extra mile with one of my most complicated patients, and I wanted to recognize her here. My patient has a multitude of chronic medical conditions, and overlay of mental and behavioral health issues, that has led to poorly coordinated care despite my best efforts as a primary care provider. She is perhaps the most complex and challenging patient I've had to deal with in my career. Taryn has spent numerous hours on the phone with this patient providing guidance on the most appropriate place to seek care, education and social support when questions arose regarding her complex medical and social issues, and helped her coordinate her care better. With these extensive efforts she has provided critical support for the patient, but also respite for me, as a provider, so I can attend to the patient's medical needs and the needs of my other patients. Although this patient continues to deal with her numerous issues, she has found a medical home at this health center and is engaged in her care, as a result. Taryn is a terrific example of how nurse care managers can work in teams with providers to improve care for patients.”