The Stoeckle Center

Anne Richmond

“Anne Richmond had the vision for creating a community-based Wellness Center that would work in tandem with MGH Primary Care Providers, to provide wellness services for their patients. Through tenacity, advocacy and hard work, Anne was able to marshal the resources needed to build out the office space, and to hire a nurse director. The doors to the MGH CHA Wellness Center opened in 2007, offering Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Tai Chi, Gentle/Chair Yoga, Mind Body Groups for Stress Reduction, Sleep Hygiene, Chronic Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, and Parenting Support.  The PCPs here at MGH-Revere find the Wellness Center to be a valuable resource, providing an easily accessible, affordable place to refer patients dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. We all have “Wellness Prescription” pads, which give patient the choice to go upstairs to the Wellness Center, instead of receiving additional medication prescriptions. As one of our PCP’s wrote in a Wellness Center survey:  “With the introduction of affordable Acupuncture, Gentle Yoga, and Meditation, the Wellness Center has become an integral part of the care I provide at MGH Revere. Our patients face enormous challenges daily: some related to their health, but many more to social and economic stressors. A significant number have never had access to an emotionally safe and quiet environment. The respite from their daily stressors and the lifelong skills they are learning are invaluable, and I am seeing real changes in their health and well being.”