The Stoeckle Center

Melvin Welinsky, MD

“Dr. Welinksy is an inspiration for residents interested in primary care. He is an example of compassion and kindness towards patients. We have a number of patients in my resident panel who have substance abuse and psychiatric problems. Dr. Welinsky is always so good in connecting with these patients, and has inspired many of them to stop drinking, smoking, or using drugs. I often marvel at his bedside manner and try to emulate him. He is a true advocate for residents and encourages us to always do what is best for our patients. He often works late into the night making sure our patients are doing well. I have not worked with a better physician, nor one who is more kind, respectful, and caring towards residents. Throughout my career I will always remember Dr. Welinsky and how he was so respectful, helpful, and understanding in his relation to trainees and patietns. Dr. Welinsky inspires others by setting a good example, he truly lives up to the motto ‘the secret in the care of the patient is to care for the patient.’”

“Dr Melvin Welinsky is the kind of doctor we all want our parents and loved ones to have. He is an incredible advocate for his patients as well as for the residents that he precepts. He embodies the welcoming, compassionate demeanor that should characterize the best physician, and he teaches us this by example. He listens closely to patients, always sits down at their eye level, and gives them his full attention. Not only is he an incredible doctor to patients, he is also an advocate for residents. He takes the time to get to know us as human beings and is never to busy to make sure that we are fed well (he frequently brings nutritious snacks to afternoons when he precepts the residents). He is the kind of caring physician and nurturing teacher that I hope to be at the end of my training. It is an absolute privilege to be able to work with him every week.”