The Stoeckle Center

Aisha Wright

“Aisha is unassuming and quiet, even shy, until you get her out of her shell or until she is interacting with patients. She is at the front desk of the Senior Health Practice every day and has been for the past three and one half years. She knows all of the patients by name and they are comforted by her welcoming greetings and smile. She is empathetic, especially with those patients who are forgetful, of which we have many. She notifies providers when patients are stressed and may need special attention. Aisha never loses her cool under fire and is able to handle competing staff demands, crises and the phone ringing off the hook – all at the same time. Her concern for patients is exhibited daily and their privacy respected. She graduated from an MGH program, Partners in Career and Workforce Development, and came highly recommended. She is proud of her family of three teenage girls, whom she raised as a single parent, while working a full time job. Aisha is clearly the glue of our practice and her presence has contributed to the growth and positive reputation that Senior Health enjoys. Last week the practice was severely short-staffed. Aisha’s comment that day shows her positive and team-oriented attitude: “Who can I cover, what else can I do? I love the challenge of trying to get it all done.” I can think of no one who is more deserving of this award.”